About Rasashala

Ayurveda Rasashala is a Trade mark (TM) and is known for manufacturing quality Ayurvedic herbal products, also called as “HOUSE OF QUALITY PRODUCTS”. Ayurveda Rasashala is GMP Certified also.

It was established in 1935 as one of the constituent unit under the aegies of Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal (established 1924) during the British regime ruling India, with a motive to impart practical knowledge of manufacturing Ayurvedic drugs to Ayurveda Graduate students of Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and to cater quality medicines to affiliated Seth Tarachanda Hospital and suffering public in general.

Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal is a renowned registered Public Trust engaged in Research, Education, manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines, health care activities through its constituent organizations like - Tilak Ayurveda College (1933), Vd. Purushottam Nanal Rugnalaya, (1965), Mehandale Clinic, Centre for Post Graduate Studies & Research in Ayurveda, Research Institute of Health Sciences & Management (2001), Monthly magazine – ‘Ayurvidya Journal’ : (since last 60 yrs) , Sheth Tarachand Ramnath Dharmarth ayurvedic hospital, besides Ayurveda Rasashala.

All these institutions are working devotedly for Ayurveda & spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda consistently.

Our Departments

Ayurveda Rasashala is GMP certified manufacturing unit working under guidence of Rashtiya Shikshan Mandal, a Public Charitable Trust working mainly in the field of Ayurveda. Ayurveda Rasashala is following all the norms of quality control required for manufacturing Ayurvedic products i.e. Quality Purity and standardization.

Ayurveda Rasashala consists of the following departments where priority is always given for maintaining standard & quality of products.

Every raw material brought in the campus is firstly ratified by the Quality control dept. & thoroughly cleaned & labelled according to preparations. Dry herbs, minerals, animal products are kept in separate compartments in order to avoid cross contamination & mix-ups.


Every packing material eg.: bottle, plastic bottles, packets & throughly checked & cleaned before dispatching then for packing of finished products.


At present hundred & fifty products both Granthokta & Proprietary products are manufactured by Ayurveda Rasashala. It has a wide range of Asawas, Arishtas, Choornas, Guti-vati, Aveleha & Bhasma’s & also products containing Gold Bhasma, Silver Bhasma & Copper Bhasma.Quality of products is controlled at every step of manufacturing.


Finished goods production section are filled, labeled & sealed with allmost care & the packed goods are shifted to stores & parcel department.


Ayurveda Rasashala has full fledged R & D department & FDA approved quality control dept. Quality of all products are checked and controlled right from selection of raw materials upto the dispatching of finished products. The efficacy of medicine by clinical trial has also been done for a number of products.


The quality certified finished products are stored & supplied according to order placed by Doctors / Super stockists etc. as per the marketing policy.